Ubuntu - HDD Names in Blender File View shown incorrectly

I am on Linux Ubuntu. In Blender File View my HDDs and SSDs are shown with weird names. I guess they are the internal names. This is of course pretty silly.
Is it possible to have the human readable names show up in Blender like in the regular Ubuntu File Explorer Nautilus thingy?



Give a label to your volume.

In gnome-disk-utility aka “Disks”, it’s “edit filesystem”

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They have labels. The Labels are what Nautilus is showing. Speedy, Stauraum, Stauraum2 and so on.

I would assume nautilus is showing device labels where Blender is showing mounting points.
What is the output of df -h?

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df -h shows the things Blender is showing with a /mnt/ in front of it.
for example

So I guess mnt is mount and you are correct.

Is there a solution for this?

Instead of using the automatic mounting points and their odd labels, you can set the drives to mount to a specific location with your name of choice. You would, for example, mount the drive labelled ‘Speedy’ as /mnt/Speedy.
The easy way to set this up is probably with ‘Disks’ aka ‘gnome-disk-utility’.
For each drive, click the little cog and selected edit mount options. Disable automatic mount point, then manually set your mount point with whatever you want.


Fanstastic! It worked. Thank you very much. That was really annoying. :smiley: