uBUNTU In parallels ? or in bootcamp ?

what is the best way to install ubuntu on a mac ,

with parallels ?

or with bootcamp

parallels is of course cooler as you dont have to reboot to swich to ubuntu

but is it stable? fast ? and fully compatible ?


which i think mentions this: http://refit.sourceforge.net/

…that’s the one I used on a couple of MacPros. I believe WinXP was already BootCamped so I made space for another partition on the boot drive (3rd) and used refit to selct the OS on startup.

Thanx but i will do or boot camp or parallels, i want something safe and stable.

So anyone knows what is better ?


You could use VirtualBox, it’s free and works very well.

thanx roofoo that looks good,

do u use it ?

Can u tell me abit how to install it ?

thanx !

Maybe you could read the user manual


If you are going to run a program that requires gpu hardware accelleration you may have problems in a virtual environment. If you want to get the full potential from your hardware, run natively if possible, in this case bootcamp.