Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts

I am loving Ubuntu a lot, but, when I use blender keyboard shortcuts many of them do something to the OS. I.E. Alt-A, For blender it means play, but when I use it in Ubuntu it opens up the “Start” button. Does anyone now how to disable these keyboard shortcuts? Please help!!!:frowning:

I do not know about Ubuntu. In a quick search I found this:

But I recommend you try KDE (You can try Kubuntu, OpenSUSE). KDE is very user friendly regarding the keyboard shortcuts settings. KDE is very, very configurable/customizable.

I think I am going to stick with Ubuntu because it has more development and they have Ubuntu for Tablet, Phone, Server, and TV. So when I get those other devices I will stay ALL Ubuntu.:eyebrowlift2: I also like it’s GUI… It is really nice.

Yeah, I hope that Ubuntu can achieve its market goals. Ubuntu interface is very basic, not much to learn in Unity. I’m sure you can easily learn how to handle Ubuntu on the other devices even if you use KDE.
Anyway, if you find how to change keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu you remember mentioning it here so it will be useful to other Ubuntu users.

I am not sure if the following works on current versions of Ubuntu, but when I reloaded Linux Mint 13 last May (2013) which is Ubuntu based, it cured the Alt key problem.

load compizconfig settings manager from the Software Manager (menu >> Administration >> Settings Manager). When loaded open compizconfig settings manager and under General >> General Options, click on the Key Bindings tab and change the short cut keyboard key Binding the Window Menu from “<Alt>Space” to “<Super>Space” and the mouse options from “<Alt>Button 3” to “<Super>Button 3”.

I am not sure if this is still valid for newer versions

To disable keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu all you need to do is enter “System Settings” click on “Keyboard” and when in there, make sure your in the shortcuts tab, then select any item you want to disable then press “Backspace”. If you want change a keyboard shortcut refer to the article mentioned by YAFU : http://www.techsupportalert.com/cont…buntu-1404.htm
So yes this is another solved thread. Thanks guys for your help.