Ubuntu shuts down

I just switched to ubuntu.

But there is something wrong.

it gets very hot my computer, then after 30 minutes the cpu starts to get higher until 100 , then if it keeps like that for a while it shuts dowm.

What can be the problem ?

it’s better to post this in an Ubuntu forum, I guess?!
Anyway you should have a “task/job/service” running in the background/invisible?!

As far as I know it is normally a setting in the BIOS that shuts down due to overheating.
If you are running Ubuntu more or less default, it is possibly a coincidence.
Maybe there is a hardware fault developing?

If you are getting heat and shutdown messages from acpi in /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog then it could be that CPU frequency scaling is not enabled or is not supported by linux on your hardware.

Have a look at the ubuntu user forums for information on CPU frequency support.

Check your hardware.
Sounds to me like you might have issues there. Is this a new system? Have you done anything to your CPU or motherboard at the same time as installing ubuntu?
Could be an improperly mounted fan, lack of heatsink paste, or something like that, totally unrelated to ubuntu. If not, boxfish’s suggestion is a good one.

It could be one Ubuntus’ many hardware incompatibility issues.
Do you have integrated graphics or sound?

If this is a laptop, it can just be that there’s dust in the cooling vents. A few blasts of compressed air into the vents clears the dust and Voila, no more overheating. I’d recommend this as a first action before trying anything more drastic.

(certainly fixed a laptop I had with its evil overheating AMD chip…)