Ubuntu steals Alt+Right-Click from Blender

In Edit mode, I’d like to ALT+Right-Click the outer edge of an object to select it’s entirety. For instance, I have a cylinder, and I want to select the top circular edges of the top of it. On Windows XP, I can just ALT+Right-Click and it selects the top circle edges of that cylinder.

On Ubuntu, I get a contextual menu for Ubuntu, asking about how I want to handle a window, the window that Blender is in.

Any one have any idea how to work around this, because as of now, I’m just manually selecting edges, which can be a bi$%*. I couldn’t find any documentation on reassigning ALT+Right-Click to a different shortcut, so I may use that for Blender instead.


Don’t know if this will help but if your using the Gnome window manager. You can reassign some keys with gnome-window-properties command. Which allows you to determine which key it uses for moving windows. I don’t know if it is possible to turn off the gnome short cut keys.

Quick update:

Found that in gnome at least there is a keyboard properties option to alter all the short cuts from the look of it. It should be in your menu some place or just try typing gnome-keyboard-properties in a terminal window and go from there.

Also found out that at least for me anyway, once I altered the keybinding I needed to reboot my machine for them to take affect.


Thanks. Any idea exactly where I could change this? Is it a terminal command? Are using Gnome but not Ubuntu? Just trying to get the exact details. I belong to an Ubuntu forum, I could ask them as well. Should I pose the question how do I change basic shortcuts for Gnome with Ubuntu?

Thanks man!:ba:

Go to system>preferences>windows. Change the “movement key” to “super”.

iT WORKS! Alt right-click together at last.


Yes all the above commands that I mentioned have to by typed into a terminal.

Any graphical terminal should work.

And yes I am using gnome on Fedora 11. As far as I know all the commands are specific to Gnome.

by default its alt+shift+rmb that selects on ubuntu… but glad its working for you. had the same prob switching over to windows :slight_smile: