UBUNTU - What's your favourite method to orbit around objects?

In Windows I use Alt + LMB
Unfortunately this combination seems to conflict with something in Ubuntu, as it does change the cursor into a grabbing hand but does not orbit.
I thought of using the Super key instead, but it’s bound to the Unity Launcher shortcuts :frowning:
I know you can use strictly the keyboard, but it’s not quite the same :frowning:
Btw, I don’t have a MMB. Reason why I use the Alt key in Windows.

Any ideas?


IDK how you are selecting edge loops but Linux window managers typically need this behavior disabled to be at all usable with Blender and Maya.

Damn, you’re right! I hadn’t thought about selecting edge loops. Another problem! :frowning:
I thought I could circumvent this by using the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3d mouse, but it’s only partially working. But that’s material for another thread I guess.

  1. Thanks to the Unity Tweak Tool, you can disable the Super key from bringing up the HUD shortcuts when hold down.
  2. Once that’s done, in the Blender Prefs, under Input/3D view/3D View (Global)/Rotate View, set it to use Super + LMB. Note that the Super key shows as “Cmd” in Blender.
    Look at bottom of image

Similarly do this to select loops in Edit mode:
Look at bottom of image

If you can, you add yourself as affected to this report:
and you mention there the problems you are having in Unity.

If you have many problems with Unity, you try another desktop environment.

you should be able to change it to something else in the settings somewhere but if i remember correctly i ended up having trouble doing that because even though the settings said i had changed the shortcut it didn’t seem to actually change the shortcut. edge loops shouldn’t be a problem. 'cause right mouse button instead of left but in any event i always used alt+shift RMB selected to select loops without a problem.
at any rate i ended up swapping to linux mint with cinnamon desktop (it’s like the perfect balance between what gnome 2 was while still using gnome 3 for me) and it actually properly let me change that setting.
also, mice can be pretty cheap. you don’t need the most expensive mouse ever and it’s easier to find a mouse with a wheel than without these days.