Ubuntu with Blender 2.45

I have had linux, ubuntu for about 4 months now (manly because i heard it was good with blender) and i have had no problem using Blender on it; That is until blender 2.45 came out.
Ubuntu doesn’t exactly reject it or crash when i create more than 10 vertices’s, instead how the hell do you install it?
ive downloaded both files, tries and failed to configure them in termianal (using the instructions given on the website) and i have even tried to go into ‘add and remove’ in the application menu, remove it and install it again but it installs 2.44.
Please could someone shed some enlightenment on this matter. Remember i am a relatively newbie to linux so make the terminal commands (if any) idiot-proof.
I’ll appreciate the help.

Did you download the right file?
(32 or 64 bits, dynamic or static, Python 2.4 or 2.5)
After uncompressing it, did you use a terminal to start it?
In the terminal were there any messages about missing libraries?
If so us Synaptic or apt-get install to install the missing packages.
If you can’t find what they are call back with the message that you got and I’ll try to figure it out.


i have downloaded all the packages, i think there was something about missing libraries and could you give me terminal commands. like i said i have only had ubuntu for 4 months and i am only 14 years old so please make it idiot-proof (i am not really an idiot but if i did not say that people will give me commands that could very well be the answer of the universe for all i understand).

use you package manager (synaptic) and remove the old blender.

Download the proper version of blender for you python.

untar it where ever your user has access (somewhere under your home folder usually)

Open the blender folder, and instruct your file manager to show hidden files.

You should see the “dot files” now… there should be a folder named “.blender”
move the ".blender folder to your users home folder.

go back to the blender folder, and execute the executable… blender should run now.

TO make it system wide, make a symbolic link to the executable, and as Root (that is sudo to you ubuntu noobies) copy the symbolic link to your \usr\bin folder…

you now should be able to type blender in any terminal window to execute blender…

now to make shortcuts to blender , just make the shortcut, and in the “target” field you should be able to just type blender.

now to make the file browser open blender files, find a .blend file, right click on it, and choose the open with command…
Either navigate to the executable file, or just type blender.(should work in KDE or GNOME)

That is it :smiley:
hope that helps.

When I am in windows , and I can just click on an installer to install blender, makes me laugh uncontrollably.

give it a few days, or look in the back port repository to get a bleeding edge version of blender. (backports means that it is still broken, and the developers are totally baffled)
it is best if you just say with the version of blender that is in the apt-repository under stable.

installing things on your own in linux can be totally disastrous, so be sure to back up your work before you attempt this.

cd to the directory with blender executable, and run ./ blender. i cannot be more spasific becouse i dont know exactily were it is on your system. post any errors here.

I use the oficial 2.45 and unzip into /home/{username}/{blenderfold} and work. To run, make a launcher o go to the folder and double click in blender.

I also try a SVN version from graphicall and work too. Just unzip and doble click.