ubuntu with win 7


anybody tried this Ubuntu installer with win7 where you do NOT need an additional partition?
Just curios if somebody tried it.

I had same issues getting it even installed.

I assume you are talking about wubi? I used Mint4Win which is based on Wubi.

I haven’t encountered any problems so far.

You mean install ubuntu inside windows7?
i had tried that some time earlier but never encountered any problems ever.:cool:

mh strange.

which way did you go?


I’ve used WUBI with Vista 32, Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 with no issues.

dang ok

maybe I should retry it again. Not sure why last time it told me no dvd / cd image was there while I had it mounted.

so Wibu si safe for win7 while it is not officially supported?
you had good experiences with it?

how do you boot then into win and ubuntu?

Wubi works without any problem and I’ve tried it on at least 10 machines with different hardware and with XP or 7. (I am trying to spread that linux disease around ;))

When you finish the instalation (from your windows system, you need to restart the machine and you’ll have a choice of windows or ubuntu start. Chose one of them and… voila! it works :wink:

I read that WUBI got problems though with changing hardware engery states, still the case? Else it might not be the best option for a notebook, rather install it native then.

I have noticed that it runs my notebook full out, so that it heats up much more than running Vista.

arg I am on a laptop.

mh does it make so much sense to use Ubuntu?
Is the speed increase in Blender there so much?

I am just curious because I also could let VRay run on Ubuntu.

Or is the time gain not really worth the hassle?

IMO yes.
You´ll feel at home, as gnome feels a bit like mac-os.
The opengl viewport acceleration is grand.
There are plenty of tools to dynamically resize a partition, and then install ubuntu native to make use of all the features. wubi is good, but not as good as a native installation.

I´ve been a debian user of the first hour, but ubuntu made me change my dist.
It´s nicely maintained, gnome´s gotten so much better than kde.
you got eyecandies.
proppy drivers are easily installed with some clicks.
you enter a dvd in the drive, it asks to install subtitle render and needed codecs.
sound settings no prob with pulse, gstreamer very consistent for media, you get binaries or packages for ubuntu on every corner for everything.

Its so nicely supported and soooo easy to use, if you want something, you basically watch a progress bar, no mor hacking in the console for hours to set the time from UTC to local time :stuck_out_tongue:

Memory management is superior to windows, opengl performance as well. If those are not kickass reasons to look into it =)

If you using ubuntu on your windows partition you could get a speed decrease instead of using a native file system such as ext4 but in the end using ubuntu should speed up your workflow on your laptop.

Before I forget it, if you are native to Windows Vista, or Windows 7 there is no reason to use WUBI at all as they got on the fly partition resizing tools on board :wink:

You go to Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools
Doubleclick Computer Management
Go to Storage>Disk Management

Locate your System Disk (usually the one holding C:)
In a prebuild machine the HDD usually has 2 partitions, a small one ahead with some system files and your C:\

Rightclick either C:\ or the one you want to shrink and choose shrink.
It will parse then how much free space is left to shrink the partition, and then ask you what the new size in MiB will be. Bear in mind, 1 GiB = 1024 MiB

After it applied the operation, you got unallocated space on your HDD and booting up with the linux installer CD/USB-Drive you can install your linux there without any hassle.

can somebody explain why ubuntu shutdown much faster than win7

Mr. Tanenbaum can :smiley:

+1 :yes: yepp

Everyone who had to read this book got my compassion =)

At our university we got a class named Operating Systems and there you actually got to design and code a basic operating system in teams of 5.
Most get kicked out of the class after presenting their design document with a note not even to bother to try to code it, and although its only one class, most take a whole semester just for that single class.
For that time the book is bible and Tanenbaum your messiah :smiley: