Ubuntulogo 3d

Hello, you have probably seen it before. A noob is making a 3dlogo of his favorite Linux distro - Ubuntu. Rendred in blender internal, give me a head up for a larger image if your intrested :smiley:


looking fairly good there :slight_smile:

You might want to try rendering this in yafray with a glass material, that’d look great I’m sure:) looking good with internal but would look great in yafray… surely… you don’t have to:P

Never tried yafray but ill have a go with it…as a matter a fact im trying it right now, reflections are much nicer but the render time, man…the rendertime!

i would think Ubuntu would be wood, not glass or plastic. Glass is so brittle, and breaks and those splinters fly all around and in your face and are so hard to see and when they lodge in your eye they hurt so bad and you cant see them even though you’re like right in the mirror with the tweezers and you can feel it piercing through you eyeball and oh my god it hurts so bad …so they dont want to connotate that.

and plastic is like some cheap imitation knockoff, kike Ubuntu is some cheap spinoff of linux or micrrosoft and they dont want to connotate that.

Smoothed wood is so organic, natural, and finished. I would do wood.
Let’s see what wood looks like. I want to see it when I get back from the emergency room. ok?

That looks really good.

I agree with RogerWickes that a wood texture would really fit the Ubuntu style.

Awesome! Very nicely shaded:) You should make a wallpaper version for Ubuntu users :smiley:

@RogerWickes: Good thinking there…wood is probably the most acurate material that ubuntu can be acosiated(mind the spelling) with. Metal would be to hard and rough and finished. wood can be carved and transformed by craftsmen (coders). What i have problem with is to approach this model with wood-textures. I havent used wood or textures in any matter in blender so far, atleast not in objects so it would take some time to read up in the manual before i do somthing like that. I realy like your thoughts on the subject though. I agree that that reflectivness/plastic look in the modell is a cheap way to get attention, but it looks “good”. Cant promise any woodtexture now but ill see what i can do.

@Ruzzy: For higher resolution image: http://ubuntuforums.org/g/images/146724/1_ubuntu_large.jpg

Tried the yafray rendrer now…cant seem to get the settings right…but here is what i got:


looks cool, but not like glass! ^^

ok, i’m back now. with one good eye. and even with my good eye i can see a lame excuse and a plasticu ubunututu. Dude, file->append->Matlib (free download from blender)->materials->wood_oak. It’s free and not that hard. the matlib has about every material you’d ever need in there.

lol, now my wallpaper on my laptop, was getting sick of that default brown wall paper ubuntu has.

looks kinda like jelly jello stuff…=D…mmmmmm…linux…fingerlicking good…never reply to threads when you’re hungry lol

Really nice model. Only crit is that I’ve always thought Ubuntu-logo is sharp. And this is all soft and rounded. Maybe a little sharper angles, not much but just little and it would be a bit better. For my eyes of course.


i did this in the past, with yafray:


the blend file is provided and ready to use (set for Yafray). You can study it if you need.

Hope this will help

I love Ubuntu. Lol.

Looking good.

Nice ideas here. I tried some of these suggestions myself.

Try out indigo it’s very easy to set up but render time is very long you’ll get amazing results afterwards.

Came over this old file. And just had to go with PapaSmurf`s suggestion. WOOD! It could be alot better though.


this is so simple but when things like this are done they always look really effective. nice work!