Ubuntu's Atlantik game

Alot of Ubuntu users ( since there are many on these forums) may have played the game atlantik. I have used it now Blenderman345, but if a blender guy was there I could make Blendopoly! Blendopoly will have ummm be based in 2.15 time so I’ll put things like Buy new interface, particle system, blah, blah, blah… :smiley: Anyone?

…lol great concept. I can’t help you out but I am glad that you are using your iniative to bring this idea to board. Good luck with the project!

Older GE is the cheapest, new GE is more expensive. Heck, I’m really going bad on Open Source. :smiley: Any Atlanticers?

I used to play it, I could again… But it’s not an ubuntu game -.-

Huh? Why not?

Runs on any linux, not just Ubuntu. I haven’t played it, but would go for a blender version. That could be cool

no, not just linux either. It’s a “KDE” application thing, I run it on openBSD. I don’t even use KDE and I can run it…

Any Linux App Emulators for WinXP? Like Linux has WINE?

unix has a wine (sort of).
it’s called cygwin.

Blenderman just find a livecd with it

I already destroyed my one WinXP with Ubuntu, ubuntu is the only link with the WinXP files, now macosx10.5/winxp dual boot. Is there a atlantik designer for windows? I found a atlantik for Windows.