UCSC Senior Game Design Project Recruitment

I am recruiting artists to help with assets for my group’s senior game design project (University of California, Santa Cruz). While the program is only on its third year, we have attracted significant attention, including conferences and grants. I am myself a 4 year veteran of blender (I’ve attached some of my work). Below is a brief description of my game concept, and the projected amount of work.

Concept Introduction:
“Project: Nightmare” (working title) is 3D platformer-adventure game that puts the player into the shoes of Angeline, a young girl who finds herself lost in a sinister magical world while searching for her mother’s soul. Instead of presenting a linear path of levels and power ups, Project: Nightmare provides the player with all of the abilities needed to complete the game in the form of magical abilities absorbed from the local environment and a system of progressing through the game that requires general progress instead of specific objectives.

Where you come in - The Artwork:
I am looking for modelers, texture artists, animators, concept artists (2D or 3D), as well as formal 2D artists. The genre of this game is primarily fantasy-esque, with a ethereal, otherworldly style that reflects the dreamlike world the game takes place in.

Approximate needs
-Character modeling, texturing and animation (5-6 characters)
-Assets for 6-10 levels, including structures, landscapes, flora, and doodads
-Monster models, textures, and animations (18-30 monsters)
-2D skybox/backgrounds for each level
-Concept work for characters, monsters, and areas

UCSC Game Design Site: http://www.cs.ucsc.edu/game-design
A previous project I lead: http://gforge.soe.ucsc.edu/gf/project/griffinengine/