UDIM baking working in the latest Blender versions?

Is UDIM baking supposed to be working in Blender 3.4 or 3.5 already? I’ve seen a bug report stating that it is only baking the first tile, and I’ve encountered the same problem in both 3.4 and the 3.5 alpha build myself.

Bug report.

I am about to test it in 3.3 to see if it works.

If it was supposed to be working, then I must be doing something wrong. It is only baking the first tile on my end.

I was trying to bake an object with multiple materials and only inserted the image texture node set to “Tiled” on a single material, expecting that Blender would automatically populate the others to bake, but that is not how it works. You need to manually copy and paste the node on each material.

Furthermore, I recommend connecting the desired material input through an Emission node and set baking to “Emit”, with only 1 sample. Doing this way, it took me 20 seconds to bake 7 diffuse textures at 4k, with no noise.

“Clear Image” checkbox does not seem to alter the result of the bake, from what I have tested.

I just did a very quick test of the final bake phase from my UDIM baking tutorial:

And on using a file that I setup with Blender 3.2 for the video, it worked just fine to bake out both tiles on Blender 3.4.1