UDIM solution you can use right now

Hey guys!

I made these UDIM nodes some time ago, and didn’t really post about it, so I’m doing that now
You can import models with UDIMs, and use these nodes to import the textures and use them on any version of blender with these. To export UDIMs, you don’t need these nodes, only the grid, which I have provided separately for free.

In this video I explain how to do both of these things:

UDIM Nodes: https://gum.co/emcudim
UDIM Grid: https://gum.co/emcugrid

Note: I’m aware of the UDIM branch, but I imagine some people might not be interested in using it right now because it’s still in development. However it is free, unlike my solution.


Definitely looks promising!

Quick question - let’s say I have a character with 47 UDIMs, 8 maps each (albedo, spec, roughness, sss, bump, displacement etc.) and I’m using a regular mari naming convention. Is there an easy way of connecting the maps based on the naming for example, so I only have to connect my 8 channels and they get assigned accordingly?

I’m pretty sure this is possible via coding, though I have no coding knowledge, so I can’t do it unfortunately. Official support is coming, probably in 2.81, which will hopefully support the naming convention. I imagine it would be like importing an image sequence.

Yes, I guess it’s the same concept (not a coder either). It’d be really convenient when having a few textures with many UDIMs - but it’s really good to know there’s a workaround until that get’s resolved. Thanks!