UDIM textures - ignore missing tiles


I have a question, is there an option in Blender to skip missing tiles in a UDIM sequence?

For example, I have a set of textures that start on _1021, and it seems like to get Blender to recognize the textures, I have to create a set of textures , 8x8 black textures, and name them so they start on 1001, all the way to 1020… and then I have to manually add all the texture sets in the UV editor …

Is there a better way? For example, in Maya I can drag n drop a texture into the hypershade, and if it’s a udim sequence, it can start from any udim number (1041 to 1053 for example), and it doesn’t care , it’ll read the sequence and render it without me needing to make all the textures before 1041.

Is what I’m saying making sense? haha

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks.