UDIMS Blender 2.82

I am trying my hand on UDIMS for the first time in Blender 2.82.
I have made different tiles for Different UVs. But when I opened the blender again the tiles were gone. Only left with original tile. Is this normal’? I have to make new tiles every time I restart the Blender?

It is normal if you don’t load UI of the file while opening it.
When there is no tiled Image attached to UVs, display of tiles is just a characteristic of UVEditor.

When you launch Blender, you load a startup.blend file that contains defaults about display properties of editors.
When you open a blend file with Load UI option enabled, you should have same display that the one used when file was saved.
When you open a blend file with Load UI option disabled, you open file but load UI of startup.blend file.

You can save another startup.blend file to display more UDIM tiles by default.

There is no texture in your screenshot and think of the “fake user” if you have not assigned the texture anywhere.
I found also in the manual:
When the UVs are correctly set up across the multiple UV islands it is time to add proper textures the UDIM array. Currently, existing textures cannot be be added to a tile, to fill a tile with an existing texture you first must:
Create the desired tiles.
Save the image.
Replace the saved image file with the desire texture by deleting the file and replacing it with a new image file, keeping the old file name. Or by opening the image in another application and modifying the contents of the image.
fake user

All right.Seems I need to work more on that…As it is not that straightforward as using simple uv map…