UDK/Blender Error

Hey, thanks to everyone who helped to answer my first Blender/UDK question.
I have arrived with another one :yes:

So, I’ve just exported a static mesh from blender as an .fbx file for easy importing into the udk. So far it works, but when I import I get this error message from the UDK:

"An out of date FBX has been detected.
Importing different versions of FBX files than the SDK version can cause undesirable results.

File Version: 6.1.0
SDK Version: 7.2.0"

This leads me to believe that Blenders .fbx exporter is out of date.

Does anyone know of a fix for this issue?

I’m using FBX exporter too and at the moment there is no solution…However at the moment i’ve not problem in my imported mesh.

i think that there is a project for fbx exporter/ importer, so just wait :smiley:

Ok, thanks for letting me know rebellion :slight_smile:

Well I also haven’t had any actual “undesirable results”. But to get rid of the error pop up and have the .fbx version UDK desires, check out: http://usa.autodesk.com/fbx/

It’s autodesk’s free official .fbx stand alone converter.

I just make my model in blender, export the .fbx, open the .fbx converter, put in the model I just made, convert it to 2013 if you’re using the UDK November build, but any older UDK build you’ll convert it to 2012. Then import that converted .fbx into UDK and you wont have that silly popup. :spin:

http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/FBXStaticMeshPipeline.html "http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/rsrc/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/warning.gif IMPORTANT: As of September 2011 the UE3 FBX import pipeline uses FBX 2012. Using a different version during export may result in incompatibilities." Doesn’t look like they go into much detail of what the “undesirable results” are besides the risk of compatibility issues.