UDMIs not working when I import

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I was working on the project for almost a month but when I imported the textures into Blender 3.3.0 they are repeating in all the UV tiles. But I didn’t get this issue when I imported the textures in Blender 3.2.
And I am stuck in this place. So can anyone help me with this? I will be really grateful.


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The UDIM handling in blender is sometimes a bit strange (did this also just recently)… for example if you start using UDIM then it seems to be best to just add an image with an proper udim code (most xyz1001.png) then blender should detect that (what’s not always the case) but then before adding tiles you should change the filename to some like xyz<UDIM>.png (or the UVTILE version if loaded that way see docs.blender manual uv workflows udims

after adding some more tiles and for example simply texture paint any nonsense to it a Image : Save in the UV editor would write all files (also overwriting :exclamation: the original first loaded image)…

so what i see now is that you have the name Textures..color1001.tif in the name part and not color.tif …

I just did a bit more playing with this and a 3.2.1 generated blend loaded fine in 3.3. So you may have to rebuild you settup ?? (Attention backup your images first!!!)

Just my to cent after playing a bit with UDIM organization…

(oh and i’m on linux)


Not sure what platform you are on, but for me under windows, my UDIM textures are named:


On going from Blender 3.1 to 3.2 to 3.3 they continue to load just fine.

Maybe check/rename the files and see what happens.

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You are right… i also overlooked this… thanks for pointing this out… this should be named ..color.1001.. maybe saving and loading in 3.2 just happend to work and 3.3 is bit mor picky about the naming… (what would be totally correct :wink:)


Hey guys
Thanks for your help
It work after changing the naming of the textures.

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