UE4 Bar

A scene inspired by the video game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Trying to recreate a bar scene. Everything modelled in Blender and imported in UE4, so this is real-time rendering. I am new to game engines in general!

I’ll post updates when I find time to continue
thx for watching


I’ve been working with Blender and Unreal for the past week and am still blown away by how well they work together. For me, I export with Face smoothing in tangent space and it works perfectly. I’ve done some stuff with rigs and animation that have all worked perfectly. Once I have the objects in Unreal, I can still go back to Blender and make changes. All I have to do is export on top of the old fbx and tell the object to reimport in Unreal.

Anyhow, I digress. Your stuff looks good but it looks like you’re missing a shadow under the legs of the table and far chair. Your room looks a bit flat. Think about where light would be coming from in the real world and try to emulate that.

Hope that helps!

You are right, the shadows dont’ look good because I am using a point light inside the room! I’ll experiment with better lighting. My main concern was to see how textures look and how the modular parts fit together! Thank you for your suggestions!

still experimenting with lighting :confused: need to add a few more assets in the scene


I guess its almost done. UE4 is pretty fun to use :slight_smile: