UE5 in 2021

@Felix_Kutt Im going to eventually run Unreal engine 5 on the Pc im building, i am still going for the TRX4 motherboard, also Epic mentions need to run a RTX270 super on demo, but im thinking with working with nanite, and niagra and Lumos i thinking in line with something more grand, a part of me say use Quadro RTX8000 or RTX Titan or go with RTX2080Ti, who knows, hard to decide im undecided, would you have any idea, also i had a choice bettween 2 different free Epic licences, one or the other a Publishers Licence for game devolopers or a choice of a creators licence, i chose Publishers Licence, to be Licence to develope and sell games on the market, well i got the heng of Blender, UE4 shouldnt be any differant.

Next gen Raytracing cards should come out sometime later this year, or even if they get pushed back to next year you will want to wait and go with one of them. Probably the RTX 3080Ti

If you read about the demo you will find you also need a 5/gig per second ssd.

The 3080’s from Nvidia are a few months of releasing! Unreal engine is only for next year, so if you can wait a bit you can grab a 3080 that should be also cheaper due the fabrication process.

Thank you very much everyone, hear is what i am going for if video work properly if

I think its awesome, see what i mean everyone :+1:

The whole data I/O thing means the ideal platform you would want (so you can have hardware that is optimal for such content) has probably not even been released yet, so splurging now will still give you a sub-optimal system.

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^ this guy gets it ^

this thing is as much a hardware demo as a software demo, if not more.

…Not to mention a 500 or so persons work showreel :neutral_face:
…It’s hardly anything one or even 10 persons can achieve on a reasonable time frame.

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I am going to purchase everything else first, and leave the RTX 3080Ti last UE isnt compatable with SLI, so i go with one gpu, also on the Epic marketplace purchased all the free Megascane assets, also millions of dollars of Paragon are free too, Paragon are about 32 characters, Megascans are Photorealism, prepare for UE5. :+1:

@Felix_Kutt, I was wondering regarding Bottlenecking using the Threadripper 3960X and and 1 RTX 2080Ti, using 128GB of memory on a bottlenecking calculator site, the result i got is the Bottle necking is 100% and tells me also your cpu is too powerful for your GPU, then i try 4 of the RTX280Ti, bottlenecking scores under 10%, that means when RTX 3080Ti comes out may need to run more than 1 :thinking:

If a game or an application/feature happens to be sufficiently heavily relying on CPU rather than GPU you’ll see a CPU bottleneck no matter what CPU it is. And vice versa. Don’t over concern yourself with bottlenecking.

Thank you. :smiley:

@Felix_Kutt Guess what, i have just taken a 1300 dollar centerlink Government interest free cash advance, and i can now afford to purchase the enchanted MSI TRX40 Creator motherboard, but didnt see any Father boards now i have to wait so many working days until the money in my Bank, at the moment motherboards are all sold out at the moment. :+1:

Considering the current situation most warehouses are probably not working at full capacity, if they are working right now at all.

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