UFO/Alien fakes Megathread

Since I’ve been doing alot of UFO/alien fakes I decided to use one main thread to post them in instead of creating a bunch of small threads like I’ve been doing so far.

The first video in this thread is going to be my most recent fake UFO video, this one uses actual tracked video unlike most of my videos:

Yeah I know my camera isn’t the best, but hey, I bought it for $2 at a rummage sale, it’s great for faking UFOs though.

Thanks for looking!

Latest video:

That’s cool. Why not try pointing your el cheapo camera at a real light source for reference. Then use those flaws to enhance you artefact.

That’s a great idea, thank you.

If you do it over a black background you may even be able to track it into your shot?

Yeah, that seems like it would work, thanks.

I noticed that when I point my camera at a bright light source (as suggested by 3pointEdit) it will create vertical glare lines in video mode, so I tried to reproduce that effect in Blender:

Now you’re getting it! That effect is common to older CCD type cameras. That is that the sensor type (CCD) gets overwhelmed with light and discharges incorrectly through its read chanel corrupting other parts of the image. This typically won’t happen with DSLR type cameras that use a different imaging sensor.