UFO And The Light Beam

Hi! I Tried to make an UFO with a light beam moving with it. I made a cone as a beam and an emitting light. The cone has no surface just volume scattering. What makes that the beam is mostly like a black shadow, not blue like the light under the UFO? Or this just does not work with my background?

Could be like this?

Thanks! That’s one nice way. But I was thinking more like light and “sparkles” without hard light edge. Perhaps more strength than on my GIMP edited photo. There has to be some way… It now comes with the light sparkles and the dark ones which I don’t want. And I’m doing animation.

Have you considered the sun beam compositor node? I’m not sure if it will work in this case, but it might be worth a look!

Subdivide cone, add displace mod; throw in particle system objects, same material. See what Compositor can do. This material renders lightning fast as opposed to scattered volumes and what not…

Ok. I’ve been studying now how to use the compositor and I found that the sun beams node is good. But I haven’t got many weeks with Blender yet, so I don’t know if I can render just the composite and add it somehow to the animation that I have previously rendered. Or do I have to render all together again now (slow)?

If you have rendered animation as image sequence (png, openexr) it will be fast. Depending on complexity of your composition it might be a bit slower but still, it’s not comparable with render times. Think of this as of automated image editing.