UFO Catcher

Hi there!
Just finished an artifact/portfolio piece where it was my first time doing text, and plastic transparency.

I found the principle shader to assume the transparency of something to always be glass, but where it wasn’t the case I had to build a plastic transparency shader out of one found on Blender help forums, which is convincing but I find the masks of the helmets to ignore the lighting conditions of what’s around them, but I gave the faces an emission map show though clearer (the faces are inspired by a cat nightlight I have, just type “squish cat nightlight” into google to see the product).

But that’s the only nitpicks I have about the piece, and I’d like feedback to improve my renders in general.


looks good so far. Something seems oddly bulged on the left side over the hole where the goods come out. And i am pretty sure something in the background, instead of black, would help a lot :wink: