Ufo Composite Glare Help

Hey Blenderer’s! I’ve been working on this animation, and I’m trying to get some form of open titles going, and I was playing around and came across a great way to create some really neat glare effects. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Though, I’m curious, is the glare overkill of the effect? Should I use less?


Given the subject and the way you’ve treated it ( a little goofy), I think the “glare” works fine, it’d be cool to see it animated.

But imo the title lettering doesn’t work well with everything else. The type face is blah, and the 3D effect could be pushed to kind of absurd levels as was done in some of the flying saucer B movies of last century (gadzooks I feel old when I type that …" last century"!), as both a parody and a grinning nod to that genre.

hahaha. Thanks. I still have to find the Fonts folder and import a font or something from that. :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m working on a title with a zoom in type effect I guess. [along with playing around with the lighting.]

Thanks for your comment. :smiley: