UFO: Cydonias Fall

Team name:
Nightbird games

Project name:
UFO: Cydonias Fall

Brief description:
UFO:CF is a complete remake of the game UFO: Enemy Unknown aka X-Com: Ufo Defense. We already has a bunch of talented team members but we would still need more to complete a fully functional team. We are working on the layout, intro, music, sounds, models, skins and textures at the moment. We also have a couple of programmers working on completing the engine.
We intend to get the remake as close to the intense spirit the old game made to every gamer who liked it. No other X-Com remake have been aiming at that point which is almost the most important point to raise the feeling of a good gameplay experience.

We use C++ for programming
and Ogre for graphics.
We use Adobe Photoshop for almost all non 3d graphics.
FL Studio for music and sounds
and 3D Studio Max, Blender and Maya for 3d work.
We are aiming for a Windows platform game, although it most likely will expand into a Mac and Linux version too.

Talent needed:
We need (sorted by priority):
3d artists
Concept artists
Texture artists
Skin artists
Movie artists
GUI artist

Most of the task are very similar, so if you are interested to help just write what you want to do to us. You can also just contact us if you think you can contribute to the project in any other way…

Team structure:
Here’s a list of the current team members:

Project Leader:

  • Jacob “FreeLanZer” Østergaard

Lead Programmer:

  • Michael Romer


  • Christian Sandén
  • Philipp Bormuth
  • Chris Kieschnick

3D Artists:

  • Nathan Morgan
  • Nod “Nodland” Bukashka
  • Heine “Tux” Stokholm

    Lead Music Artist:
  • Brian Moody

Music Artists:
- Alexander “Batteryman” Mikael
- Jesse Gorter
- Sam “DistantJ” Beddoes

Level Designers:

GUI Artists:
- Nathan Morgan

Art Artists:
- Nathan Morgan

Texture Artists:
- Nathan Morgan
- Jacob “FreeLanZer” Østergaard

Skin Artists:
- Nathan Morgan
- Nod “Nodland” Bukashka

Movie Artists:

Voice Actors:
- Niheim “FRNDLYFIRE MUSIC” Mitchell

- Nathan Morgan
- Nod “Nodland” Bukashka

Sound Artists:
- Brian Moody
- Niheim “FRNDLYFIRE MUSIC” Mitchell

SVN Maintainer:

  • Michael Romer

Beta Testers:

  • Lars “Druds” Husted Vestergaard
  • René “Serenity” Blåkjær Madsen

- Jacob “FreeLanZer” Østergaard


You can contact us at the website by either using the Contact section or the Join in section.
You can also contact me directly
by mail: hstokholm[AT]gmail.com
by msn: heinostok[AT]hotmail.com

or the project leader

by mail: freelanzer[AT]gmail.com
by msn: freelanzer[AT]hotmail.com
or icq: #276427959

Additional Info:
Some pieces of music can be found at the website and some additional previews are available there too. Here’s a few media previews:

More can be seen here Link

We would also like some constructive critics and feedback on the project so far.

We will look forward working with you.

Best regards,
Heine Stokholm

good work on the quality of the request.

funilly enough i have been looking at your website (or at least seen the screenshots) for a wee while now, UFO is a great game. good to see an OS version made. is there a trademark issue with Xcom or anything? (just curious)

good luck. you are number 3 in great development request threads.


Do you already know of UFO: Alien Invasion?


Or any of the other related projects?

I think the others have checked up on the copyright issue, but I will ask FLZ about it when I see him… Just out curiosity where did you hear about our project Alltaken…?

We have looked at the other projects, but they are all just inspired by UFO… We want to make the game as close to the original as possibly… :slight_smile:

I have just talked to FLZ and he told me that the name X-COM once belonged to Microprose. Later they were bought by Hasbro and now that company is history, so that shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

Also all the old originals are now abondonware, even the windows versions…

You can download the original game here : http://www.abandonia.com/games/en/38/UFOEnemyUnknown.htm

isn’t atari the owner of all Microprose stuff? AFAIK Transport tycoon had the same issue. and OpenTTD has a crap load of IP issues.

I think it was your project i saw, through OpenTTD stuff. and also i have googled for free versions of UFO type games, never found any i felt were ready or worth downloading, but found a few projects going. and i’m pretty sure your website was the one i was looking forward to.


It’s been a while, but FINALLY someone has managed to post a great presentation of his and his team’s project AND was able to give us an already impressive teaser.
You get an A for Awesome for me just for that! :smiley: Or maybe an S for Sweet
Ah well, keep that attitude up! thumbs-up smiley