UFO Fake

Here’s another UFO fake video, what do you think?

Looks good.

That’s excellent! Is there a Fake UFO trolling contest going on or something since the new camera tracking feature was introduced? That would be funny.

That looks really good! how do you do the masking?

Thanks everyone, the trees are actually just a modified picture, I removed the sky in the picture with Gimp and placed it on a plane in between the UFO and the camera.
The camera shaking is made with noise modifiers placed on 2 animation curves.

Very realistic camera wobble. “Real” UFO footage doesn’t seem to be so noisy (craft wise) making them more mysterious :wink:
Like the flare but there seemed to be to much detail in the ship. Also my camera hunts focus at night/dark perhaps a bit of pull focus would help too?

The only thing that doesn’t seem real is that the camera is keeping the UFO in frame too well. It’s hard to anticipate the sudden changes in direction/movement. Watch a few real ones and you’ll see what I mean.

You should have had the ship warp out of sight.

Thanks, all of you!

It kind of zooms away but it’s blocked by the leaves, probably a good idea for a new video though :).

This one was intended to move much like a helicopter, and is much closer to the camera than most UFO sightings, making it easier to keep in view. I think in most UFO sightings the UFOs are very far away making it much harder to aim the camera all zoomed in and such. Maybe next time I make a UFO I could try this :D.

Thanks for the tips, completely forgot about the focus stuff. The reason it’s so noisy is because that’s what it’s like outside where I am. I just went outside and recorded some random audio.

very good but perhaps have the ufo where we can see it for more of the video rather than totally obscured. nice to see a design that is not another saucer shape.