UFO sighting | Finished Animation

Thank you!
Well, I’m not sure how Blender converts the color-spaces for the image-texture inputs by default, but with ACES you have manual control over it. It doesn’t make a huge difference (I switched halfway through the project from standart CM to ACES) but I felt that the colors of the textures seem to match better in ACES. Before I had some great hue differences, some red-shifts in the concrete textures etc… They were gone once every texture was converted into ACEScg.
Also I don’t trust the filmic/standart look :slight_smile: I want to have a unaltered, linear 32 bit image coming out of Blender, no gamma correction, no color correction - because I do all of these things in compositing.

ACES also made the compositing in AE much more comfortable. I had to deliver an Arri LogC ProRes file in the end, to match the film that was shot on an Alexa. So after getting a linear 32 bit multilayer exr out of blender, I could do the compositing quite nicely in 32bit ACEScg in AE and simply convert the colors in the end to LogC.

And if you look closely, I actually applied a auto-exposure to the animation. It’s just quite sublte :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer !
That’s quite interesting what you’ve said about ACES, from my understanding if you export to exr it’ll always be linear and if you use blender’s default (srgb) or filmic there won’t be any difference, because there is no color correction done using this format. However, Aces allow to work in a wider color gamut, which can be interesting if you plan to export to another display than srgb monitor. I’m not sure how much blender can take advantage of wider gamut and if the calculations in cycles / eevee are ok .
That maybe why there is a difference, textures are converted from srgb to linear for rendering but in a wider gamut unlike blender’s default that also do the same conversion but in srgb/rec709 gamut.

I think as long as the result looks good that’s what matters, I guess given the input/output you had (Arri LogC) that make sense to use Aces all along.

There is an interesting talk about the subject here : https://devtalk.blender.org/t/blender-support-for-aces-academy-color-encoding-system/13972
I don’t understand everything but seems like a complex subject / multiverse rabbit hole.
Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, it’s a subject that needs more exposure (no pun intended) .

Excellent work! All your effort is properly forgotten about by the viewer when they glimpse the enormous bulk of the UFO protruding behind a cloud. Except on websites like this one.