Ufo: Z-74

Not sure if any of you remember my old game UFO… but… well… I’m finally working on reviving the abandoned sequel to it Z-74… it will be released on the iPhone!

My first question is am I allowed to post my progress here? I know this is not written in the BGE, but it’s using blender! I think I can… hehe

Well… there’s not much to post yet :confused:

But I’ll post my progress as I work on it :slight_smile:

I think you should be able to post here. I doesn’t say it has to be in blender.

I’d like to see it, so I vote you should be able to show it.

interesting to see your progress… and vanlangjahr, this forum is actually specifically for the BGE so this might get locked or moved to off topic.

haha I remember that. cool stuff! dont have an iphone but it’s still cool haha

actaully there has been loads of threads about games using blender but not the game engine in the game area, i think its fine for none bge but blender related games to be included.

Ok cool =)

I’m coding the basic GUI layout along with the controls for moving. I’d like the idea of including motion sensors for the iPhone controls, but I think it would be very unintuitive for a game like this. So I think I’ll emulate a directional pad, or create a joystick like control like dropship.

Anyway, I’ll post up some screenshots in the next few hours, I’m babysitting now =/ the kid won’t shut up, and he’s 5 months old x.x

uh, to quote Plantperson himself…

Please do not post projects here that were made for other engines. Volunteer requests for such projects should be posted to the off-topic forum, non-BGE works in progress should be posted to Works in Progress.

Who really cares… I’ve seen a lot of games made in other engines posted here… boo frickidy hoo…

Anyway, let’s stop spamming this thread with crap like that =)

Here’s a youtube video of our main menu =)

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I dunno, but if you ask me, hes got a point.

andrew-101: lol That’s just what I was thinking xD

-[Killer]- : Well I hope you finish this project this time :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!

This thread has been nothing but pointless posts for most of the first page…

Lol @ andrew, the guy u quoted certainly has a point. :confused:

Err… Nice menu… I guess?