Must admit I have got a work in progress thread for both of the main models in this image, but as this is the first time I have combined any of the models in a new scene I thought I would start a new thread for them.

I do need to add more detail to this, not sure what yet. Maybe a road, some fencing, stuff like that. Any suggestions are most welcome.

I’m not that happy with the volumetric lighting. The edges on the light beam coming out from under the UFO are very sharp, I think they need to be softer at the edges, more fading into the night rather than coming to an abrupt halt. I have tried many different ways to sort the problem out but as of yet have had no real success.

All thoughts, comments and advice are most welcome, thanks for looking.

Wow! Very nice, clean models integrated well. For the volumetric lighting I would just recommend playing with the density and how big/strong your light sources are. I think that a road or fence would be a nice addition, along with maybe some more textures on the UFO so it looks more grungy if that is what you are going for :D. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this piece!

@ Geo_Fri

Thanks for the comments, they’re much appreciated. I will check out the density for the lighting and see what I can come up with.
Must admit I have been thinking for a while that the UFO looks too clean, have to have a look at making it a bit more grungy looking.

cool scene, but one thing that strikes me as odd, is, there is no path of any kind leading to the house.


Looking really good!


@ Modron
Thanks for the comment. You’re right it does need a path or a road, something to show that the house is in use and lived in. Still got a long way to go with this image.

@ cgstrive
Cheers for the comments, I will look into using different coloured lights. Still trying to get my head around the compositor at the moment but some UFO lighting similar to Close Encounters will look better. Defiantly needs something in the foreground and I like the idea of using fog, all the best flying saucers usually come equipped with their own fog bank.