UFOs. Aliens.

I’ve been working on a Blender animation lately, so I decided to share it in this Blender forum. As you tell I’m new here. So Hello BlenderArtists…:smiley:
It’s a Flying Saucer abducting an alien! I was going to do a cow but never got around to doing it, besides I like the alien there anyway. :smiley:

It was all modelled in Wings 3d besides the terrain which was generated in an Anim8or utility called Terranim8or. I’m pretty new to Blender.

Okay then, here’s the .avi, no more .exe due to request
http://www.4shared.com/file/41515860/71fd3934/render.html (1.6 mb)

Oh and by the way, sorry I can’t find where I got it from originally but the sky HDRI isn’t made by me so I can’t give credit for that

C&C is appreciated.


Edit: I’ve reredone the link, it seems to go to the .avi now

Why is it an .exe?

It’s an .exe because I’d assume not everybody has Bink, so I converted it to a .exe, I didn’t convert it to an .avi because it is a lot bigger than the .exe but loses quite a bit of quality in the compression.
Eh, sorry for any inconvenience.

so C&C anyone?

I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m downloading a .exe from and unknown source and opening it on my computer. That’s like inviting a hacker on to your computer. Even if your intent is good, Linux people won’t be able to open it, and Windows people will be afraid to open it.

Convert it to an .avi or a .wmv or a .mov or a .ogg please.

.mov maybe? divx?

Sorry bro, Im not downloading an exe… Thats just asking for trouble.

Ok then, fair enough. I did actually try Divx - it was small, but it had terrible quality.

Here’s an AVI, I managed to compress it quite a bit with a program by Red Kawa called Wii video 9. :smiley: It’s actually smaller than the Binked thing though a bit worse quality.

It’s at the top of the page now.


I still get an exe. Like anyone else, I am not running unknown exes…

I’ve downloaded it and tested it. It’s an official Bink video file with no viruses or whatever. I used a sandbox to be safe. The video plays fine but, definitely use a more common video file format.

Nice animation for a new-comer! Keep at it. BTW, you can certainly do all of that within Blender but I’m sure you just used the tools that you’re more familiar with to make it easier.

Oops, I got the BBcode wrong, ok, it works now.

That’s nifty, I never noticed 4shared had a video player.