Just a quick little excercise in compositing 3D stuff with an existing photo. I’ve never really tried it before, and when I saw this photo, it gave me an idea. Probably more Photoshop than Blender, but…


nice idea. looks good.
I think the front light is a little bright though.

Yeah, I could probably tone that down a bit. It might help hide my poor masking of the two figures in front of it. :-?

Also, completely off-topic, I noticed the Tamriel Rebuilt link in your sig. I’m a big fan of Morrowind, but haven’t kept up with any news on it in ~6 months. How is that project coming?

great idea and great work pulling it off :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :o :o :o

I like the UFO’s a lot, the grain is almost identical.
But I don’t like the beams.
And the person who is being beamed up could use some motion blur.

Where did you get the picture of the people running?

Thanks for the comments, they’re helpful. The grain looks fairly uniform because I put a noise layer on top of everything. :slight_smile: