Okay, do you guys believe in UFO’s? Let me tell you a little story here.
This is true.
I was driving home in my truck. It was only about a 30 minute drive. Then for some reason, my truck quit running. It just quit, out in the middle of nowhere. So I lifted the hood and looked around, I could find nothing wrong. Then I got back in and it started right up. Not too unusual right? Yeah, okay, I go down the road away and pulled into a gas station, I don’t know why, I did not need any gas. There were three fellows dressed all in black with dark sunglasses on. Kind of odd considering it was dark out. I just went on. So I got back home. I looked at my clock and it had been two and one half hours since I had left. Now listen, it does not take two and a half hours for for a thirty minute trip! This stared to weird me out. I got home and opened up my window-shades. And do you know what I saw? Probably not. I saw seven crafts, they were triangular in shape and flying in a triangle. Not a sound at all. They were visible for a while and then they just vanished, pretty darn quick.

Sound like it would make a great movie
I’m not trying to troll but you cant expect people to believe you

By UFOs do you mean crazy alien scientists that perform experiments on humans
Intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

Personally I think the universe is big enough for the events that led to the creation of living organisms here on earth to happen many times elsewhere.

Of course I believe in UFOs!

Ask yourself, what is a UFO? The pertinent aspect of the acronym is unidentified. Any object flying, that you (the viewer) is unable to identify, is unidentified. Ergo: UFO. :slight_smile:

Is that UFO an alien aircraft?

Unlikely, to say the least.

However, given the sheer number of stars in just our galaxy, it seems likely there must be life out there. Would that life, given their capability of getting actually bother to make the trip? No idea. If they shared some of our traits: a desire to see what is on the other side of a hill/mountain/sea/ocean, then perhaps they would.

Not really no.
Even though I’m a Sci-fi writer and have a tendency to use aliens as characters, I don’t believe in UFO’s
But my reasons are on a more religious note you could say (in which, if you care at all, you can PM me for) and therefore I won’t bother saying here.
(though I will admit that I do believe we’re not alone. I just don’t believe aliens are the ones.)
Sorry to say so :smiley:

Then you should have taken an image or video with anything available.
While “I saw it with my own eyes” is the highest form of testimony in court, it’s beyond worthless for scientific evaluation. Even a shaky shot with a cellphone cam is better than saying “but i really saw it”.

Or in short: Images or it didn’t happen.

i read a book about UFO and ET when i was 13 years old. at that time i really believed that there must be ET someplace on the earth…hehe

I saw a UFO once, then I learned it was a plane… Oh wait, that was when I was on one… never mind.

Or one of the top secret military aircraft under development by the US military.

As an example, a few years ago I read in a Ripley’s believe it or not book of an alleged arrowhead shaped UFO flying over China and spotted by many people, then in recent months I read an article of an arrowhead shaped aircraft being developed in secrecy by the air force.

I also hear that lenticular clouds tend to be a popular target for UFO claims due to their saucer shape.

Or one of the top secret military aircraft under development by the US military.

Yes. Notice how we don’t get any “flying saucer” reports lately, but rather “triangular UFOs”. In the '50s they were making circular aircraft (not anti-gravity). Nowadays they are making triangular stealth vehicles. It’s all secret US military stuff.