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i need help, i suck at lighting

Okay, start with a hemi or similar lamp, with a bluish color to represent sky light. It’s a winter-night scene so the light will be cold. Then look at where you would like for shadows to fall. You might use “shadow-only spots” here. But the main thing is … look at the light. Having established (in your mind) that “your lighting sucks,” ask yourself, “why and how does it ‘suck?’” At this point your eye is simply telling you that what it sees isn’t convincing, or maybe that it’s just too dark to see anything.

i suck at lighting

Yeah, me too. That’s why I use Yafray. :smiley:

But like sundialsvc4 said, it’s important to know why it sucks and what you want to change. Every type of light gives different results. Try them all out, so you know when to use them.


Basically for outdoor scenes that are sunny use a sunlight for the direct illumination and a weaker hemilight and tint them blue.

thanks you all, what about for night though?

a triangle of weak, dark blue (very dark, close to black for night) hemi lamps to start, surrounding the scene and pointing inwards and down. This will act as the “base,” so to speak.

for the lamps, I would make them a shade of yellow, it would bring some color into the scene and contrast that area with the cold/dark rest of the scene. make sure this lamp casts shadows or has a shadow only lamp right on top of it. also, make sure the spotlight has halostep set higher than 0. 1-3 is probably fine.

underneath the spotlamp you’re using for the lamp post, put a sphere lamp and set the distance so the sphere extends a little further than the area of the ground the spotlight is hitting. This light should be the same color as the spotlight, but a little less powerful. This will simulate the light bouncing off the snow a bit.

that should be a start, don’t stop there though. Tweak till your happy. If you ever feel somethings wrong with your scene, save a test blend under a different name and start trying whacky things, it helps alot of the time.

you could also maybe extend the ground plane or add some obstructions for the ground doesn’t just “stop”

good luck! This looks to be nice with some work :slight_smile: