Ugly artifacts how to get rid of?

Re; attached image. I’ve been having ago at the BME script. Unfortunately I’m getting unpleasant artifacts on the rendered image. (on the inside of the gear on the far left for example) This is without any smoothing. When that is applied it looks like a total mess!

I’ve tried recalculating/flipping normals, removing doubles etc, but I’m still getting back to this.

Any help appreciated.


You might want to look at uploading the .blend file somewhere and then we can download and take a look.

hmm there’s another question-can’t seem to upload blender files!
edit; Done a search and i don’t think you’re allowed to upload .blend files unfortunately.

messy artifacts is one of the biggest problems I have in Blender. I wonder how other CGI programs fair in this department?

Here’s a lovely little render with ‘set smooth’ on, just to ram home the point a little.:frowning:


If the point you are “ramming” home is that you are having an issue with some Blender fundamentals, we get it…

When you do finally find a way to post your Blend file, I’m sure you will have an answer immediately. In the meantime I suggest you…

  1. Research the usage of set smooth.
  2. Make your normals visible and make SURE that some are not inverted.
  3. At least post a wire (up close)

No blend
No wire
Assume we all know what the BME script is…

Edit: Ahh!! the old GEARS script! no wonder.

Point made.


I’d post a Blend file if it were possible, but as I understand it is not possible on this forum.

In any case I have now solved this problem; some faces duplicated on top of each other.

thankyou for your help.