Ugly Bread...

This is a picture I rendered out a little bit ago… I was just looking at it and really, it sucks. I can’t figure out why is the problem so I can’t fix it. If anyone has any ideas or tips, I would love to know. I used an indoor HDRI from and everything else is textures from… Thanks!

What type of textures are you using for the bread? Do you have any normal mapping bump and specular on it as well? Cause I believe it still looks a little too flat. But the shape and all look good just think maybe the textures and lighting might be the cause. Maybe increase the depth of the normal or bump to give it a little more depth. And the angle of the light will also help sell the depth some more too. Blender Guru (Andrew Price) has a tutorial on youtube on making realistic bread you might want to check out and see if you might have missed something as well.

I think it does not look to bad at all.
But for a closeup shot like you seem to aim for it will need more work on some parts.

  • With your current light setup everything looks very flat, and everything has similar colours.
  • The textures need to have higher resolution, And maybe you should consider creating a displacement map.
    Also it is hard to tell what maps you already are using due to the lighting (normal, spec, etc)

… I think in a bigger scene, like a kitchen, it will actually look good already. Its heavily depending on what you are planning to use it for.

Have you referenced or at least have looked at a real bread? Because that bread looks a bit deformed. In a kitchen scene, that would be not very noticeable, but if you’re doing a close-up, you might want to redo the sculpting. Also the background is confusing. You should make where the floor and the walls are apparent.

The model and texture for the bread can be found here: — I used a displacement map, but after looking at this further, I believe that you are right. The lighting is very flat and while this would look good in a kitchen scene, it’s not very good just by itself.

Ok I figured I would give the Blender Tutorial a go again since I have forgot some of the finer nuances to making it look realistic and I found out that a SSS node helped a lot with adding some additional detail and a glossy shader with a color ramp to get the additional detail. Until those were added it looked kind of flat. It resembled bread but it didn’t look like something I would want to spread butter on. And I also agree that if you use this in a kitchen scene where it is in the background and a DoF that makes it not a point of interest, one would hardly pick apart any details on it. But here is my results. First is the final render at 128 samples the second is the node setup for the texture.

I must say thanks to you my OCD kicked in and now I just can’t stop with the bread I ended up deciding I needed butter, then a dish to put the butter in and then something to spread the butter. And bread can be kind of dry so I needed some wine too. Thanks a lot for kicking my OCD into high gear :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

P.S. Can’t wait to see what your final scene will look like and how tasty that bread is going to look.

xD any Blender tutorials on how to make a stick of butter? That wonderful, delirious, buttery stuff? Lol

OCD has been satisfied at this point. I am closing my eyes now. LOL

P.S. apologies for posting the finished scene here.

Looks great! I love how you didn’t go overboard with the SSS. Have you considered using different scale SSS depending on what part of the bread it is? (i.e. dry crust has a much smaller SSS radius than the fluffy, light inside of the bread. Flour is pretty much a rough diffuse shader.)