ugly hot spots

Hey, this might be a noob question, but then again, I’m kind of a noob.

I keep getting these really ugly hotspots on my reflective materials that burns the color and shifts the hue. For example, I have some chrome lettering and I’m trying to move some lamps around it to get that sexy metallic shimmer, but if a lamp gets too close I get this crazy hard edged circle that shifts hues from yellow to red to even blue. I want to hit hotspots, but I just want it to max out at my specular shade. How do I avoid this hue shifting?

In the shadow and spot area of the spot light increase the samples and change the spot bias, to a higher value, this will give a slow fall off on the light, also instead of keeping the lights really close to the mesh, in the materials area you can change all sorts of settings about how the material absorbs light and reflects it… here are a few tutorials.