Ugly Ngons vs Beautifull Quads Question

Hello People here my Question so Basicly if i dont want to mess with Ngos and want it to be all quads most time i just need an infinite amount of loopcuts generating much Topology on spaces where theyre useless or is there some magic way to avoid ngons and not have every loop cuts to infity

‘loop cuts to infinity’ ??
You mind repeating that in a way it makes some sense ?

Examples ?
Images ?
Screenshots ?
Videos demonstations ?
blend files ?
All to show clearly what you want or don’t want to achieve

so you have a hole to fill but not sure how to reduce the topology around it to give an all quad mesh. you can try “pole” polygons. or “triangle quads”, ive heard them called any number of thing. but if the area doesn’t have to deform at all, you can use them to reduce your incoming vertex loops to a more manageable level. though they do end up disrupting/stopping edge flow so use with caution early in the modeling process! heres some pictures on a quick and dirty cube!

First you find a spot where you can merge 3 rows of edges into one, and “mark” your merge point by… well, merging.

Then you complete the merge by going down the rest of your edge loop. remember to remove/dissolve that extra edge in the middle (alt J on the 2 triangles merges them into a single quad). i also usually edge slide the “odd” vertex back a little along the middle line so that i don’t get any strange overlap later.

this is what happens if you try to cut an edge loop later, as you can see it “turns” the loop roughly 90 degrees from the desired direction of the cut (in this case it created an interesting pattern! but that’s just because i did this example very fast without much care for the topology on the other side of the cube!). so use this trick with caution early on in the modeling process to allow yourself greatest flexibility. and never use it around joints or parts that need to flex.

this method might not be very useful for you, there are other ways, but we would need to see your wireframe to know what your dealing with.