ugly stuff! Bring old look back

Can we have an option to display the centers of objects in the old way?the little sphere?This new look sucks!!What is this??
And about this…it doesn’t have anything to do with Blender.It is just to big and to important.After all this is just joining windows,not some kind of feature…it’s hideous.Tell me! What was wrong with the old way?

I don’t see anything wrong with it. In fact, I think it looks a lot better. :slight_smile:
Edit: the new way, I mean.

how long have you been using blender picasso ?

the new way makes blender look more…“up to date” personally i like it. and im a programmer/desktop application publisher, so i know what looks good and what doesn’t(according to customers) and that looks better.

I agree with the others. The new center point is much nicer.

I agree. The new features are much better. The arrow showing which windows will merge and in what direction is the ‘best’ UI addition I’ve seen implemented in Blender so far.

The ‘old’ way gave no real indication of which would merge, and I guess lots of people along the way merged in the opposite direction on more than one occasion. :smiley:

Hmmm, my version 0f 2.4a2 has spherical object centres. When did it change?

I used to have that problem until I realized that the active/highlighted window would always overtake the inactive window. :wink:

But hey, it will save some confusion for future generations. :smiley:

Yeah, it seems to have changed between alpha2 and the latest CVS. I got a Nov29 RC1 build and it is the new way. I did like the change when I first saw it because I thought it looked better. I think not being able to see the dot in object mode when items are not selected is better, especially concerning lots of small objects. It maybe speeds up the display too.

The interface improvement is definitely useful with merging panels. OK, I never move panels often but if you have 2 panels without headers and you merge them and it keeps the wrong one, you have to enable the header again and change the panel, then remove the header. This new way is much better.