Ugly Witch

Hi Everyone,
The initial idea was to test some microdetail workflow on a blobby surface in Blender 3.0 but after a few hours, ended up with this head and after a few days finished this with some cloth wrapped around it. Sculpting, UV, and rendering were done in Blender 3.0. I used blender’s vertex paint while concept sculpting (Later used as base color) and Substance painter for final texturing. Hope you guys like it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Artstation link for high-res image and tips


awesome work brother, this looks so nice and fully detailed, congrats :+1:

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Damn, that’s one nasty looking witch. It would be hilarious to see a batch of her kids running around her feet stealing toad nodes, bat wings, and angel hairs out of jars.

Great job.

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Can’t say she’s super pretty :slight_smile:
but it is very well done! Great work! :ok_hand:

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At first, I thought it was my mother-in-law…JK- Wow, the textures look amazing tho!


Dope. I love this so much.

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Thanks a lot, guys for the nice comments :slight_smile:

Some more views from this Character