UH-60 Blackhawk

nothing like starting summer off with a nice new project! This model is gonna be for a short film/ trailer type thing and i’m trying to keep it low poly mostly because i have a crappy laptop but mostly because it looks kinda cool.

the next step is to finish the interior and tweaking the geometry and maybe changing the glass shader and then i’m gonna go onto rigging it (not entirely sure how to go about doing that) and then making a few low poly characters to compliment the helicopter.

blender 2.67b
rendered with cycles @ 1920x1080 (200 samples)

That looks very good! If you want more of a smooth look while keeping it low-poly you can try smooth shading the object. I think it would look cool if you added some rivets as a texture to the model. Also, especially considering the scene it’s in, adding some dirt or sand to the model would look cool. Keep it up!