uh... actually...this should be my first project

the logo



below this one connotes that i was overwhelmed by the QC course

thanks for your view.

Hey it looks good!

I like the 3rd one best, however the theme “Quality Control” is somewhat ironic being “out of control”.

hi spin your Lettering001 is very useful, but at last due to the time limit,we didnt show this pictures to my classmates and teacher :frowning:

anyway whatever.


thats my PPT file the strange begining part is a try of animation effect, like a movie maker’s logo ,but for the time reasone, we didnt include this at last

nice, especially for a first project. The scene is simple, but in a good way. The only comment/crit I have is that you should set smooth on the letters, and maybe recalculate the normals if set smooth gives you trouble.


XrQLz :wink:

i like it can but can you tell me what its for (like is it just for fun or no).

uh… you mean the PPT file? just like those movies, they have there own Logos, i m trying to creat my own. and for pleasuse my teacher,hehe,since no one have use this kind of skill before