Uh, get your free maple leafs here, eh!

Okay, so that title was pathetic. Anywhos, I know I should google, but I’ve got my english exam in two days and it’s on topics. Topics are long reports on certain subjects or countries. And I have to retell 11 of them, which is 11 x 15 = ~165 pages.

So, in a few words, could you describe Canadian culture, sports and government? Or point me to a good short text out there on the www.

I’m asking this not because I’m lazy, but because I’m really in a hurry. Theeth? X-w?

Thanks in advance.

google time my friend:
Canadian gouvernment(official)
Culture Canada(official)
Sport Canada(official)

Or the Official Canadian Heritage(the more complete site to answer your questions

*Note: Official mean it’s maintained by the government so it’s a good source :wink:

canadians are fond of hockey.

canadians are also fond of beer and flannel.

It’s surprising how very little we know about Canadians down here, I just think of them as Americans with a different accent, favorite sport, and government.

Interesting fact: Canada declared war on Japan before America did when Pearl Harbor was bombed. We declared war on the following day because of some law that slowed us down a bit. I think Congress had to approve it or something.

You could be even more suprised:
so many pp think we still live in the wood and have the police on horse. lol
weak up! We lead in medicial research, hydro electricity, we got lot of electronic developement (ATI is Canadian don’t you know!?). And have our culture, though for many years they(the Britich) said we(french canadian) were just bullshit.

In fac the Canada is now one of the most pleasant place to live. Some service is paid by the government: We don’t have to pay for medicial care… some less good thing like “Bien être social”, and Cash for old pp how can’t work anymore.
We did the Canadian arm for space.
We have some favorite food, like poutine.
And what else… The Unique mapple sirup wich if you didn’t tasted it, you should.( And the true one, not the bad imitation).

Of course, what else can we do in the canadian winter?! 2 foot of snow and 2 foot of ice on lakes…

canadians are also fond of beer and flannel.

Ho no!.. what are you talking about. I just drink like 6 beer a week here and there… and at the week end I like to go to the pub with friends…

Haha, see, like I said. The US also leads in medical research, hydro electricity, and electronic development. You’re just like us! We even had qualms with the British too.

Just kidding. Man, I’ve gotta visit Toronto some time. Clear the fog of mystery. :slight_smile:

I’ve read the trading partnership between the US and Canada is the largest between any two countries in the world.

I’ve read the trading partnership between the US and Canada is the largest between any two countries in the world.


Economy is, i think, our bigest weakness…

We are so dependent of U.S, if a little thing append in us, our canadian dollar can quickly go up… and this is bad. Weird isn’t it? But this is realy simple. We depend on us dollar to suvive, if our dollars is too high no one in the us will buy here and economy will draw back.

Exemple: gaz. Because of the fear of war, the gaz has got up of like 10cents, to go from 84 to 94 cents. A buck for a litre of gaz is prety high in canada.

Just to clarify the medical care thing: the government pays completely for docter or hospital visits, but nothing for medication or visits to the dentist.

And yes, hockey is big where I live (Edmonton, Alberta). Football is also big. And yes, we love beer :stuck_out_tongue: (There is a beer with the name “Canadian” ;)).



wrong forum for that one.
Nvidia is American…heck I know the exec. VP of marketing there.
(maybe i should mail him?)
one thing I have to say about when I have been to Canada is that it is clean, less litter and stuff like that.

We wear toques and cook back bacon all the time on a Coleman camping stove, eh.

We say “aboot”, not about, eh.

We have the best beer in the world, eh.

We get 5 - 10 feet of snow during the winter, eh. And that does not close any schols or roads, eh.

Our national hockey team CAN NOT, (and I say again, CAN NOT), be beat, eh.

We love everyone, of every race, creed and sexual conduct, eh.

We have the best beer in the world, eh.

We gat taxed out our asses, eh.

And, oh yeah, we say “eh” a lot, eh. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


dont mean to start a flame war, but our Prime Minister doesn’t go around looking for a fight and then say it was gods will… Oh yah we do have an army and special forces. It’s also the land of really big bonfire party’s in the winter, how else would we keep warm?

Quebecers are knonw to drink alot (:p) and every canadian I know love hockey.

and no, we don,t live in igloo!


just to ask…hmm I didn’t usa were in leads with hydro-electricity…I thought they we’re in lead of building long tower so their polution don’t fall down on their country but on ours :stuck_out_tongue: hehe…actually I don,t think usa use much hydro-electricity…oh well anyway

Ever hear of the HOVER DAMN powers all of lower Navada. We got a couple of other biggies here. You Canadians cant drink squat compared to us from Eire. Well I’m not really from there but my family is :).