Uh oh....

The orthodontists are putting a gap in my front teeth. I don’t want to look like Demi Lovato before her gap was fixed.
PS: The dots are not acne, but freckles. I have had them my whole life.


The orthodontists only care if your smile and teeth is to their liking and standards, not yours.

Your orthodontist may be thinking gaps are nice and healthy or something.:rolleyes:

That’s OK. My gap is much bigger than that. And I also have a missing tooth next to the front 2. My younger brother lost that baby tooth before I did, so I pulled it out and there was no adult tooth behind it, which is why it didn’t come out by it’s self. Now I’m stuck with a HUGE gap there. When I get the camera, I’ll show you.

Don’t worry man, when I had braces my teeth went in all directions, but in the end they straightened out.

You are much better off with the gap. If your teeth get really tight it means you can’t floss (anyone mentioning that “tight gaps” floss does not understand this issue and should have their fingers cut up to simulate what really happens when trying to use the super tight floss with super tight teeth.) If you can’t floss, your teeth rot where they meet. Then you get them “filled” lots. Then you need crowns and things. Ultimately after paying for a lucky few teeth five times over, they “have to” remove them anyways.

Your orthodontist sounds like they are good value. Ones I have seen cream up the bills with recurring visits.

Well, I don’t want super tight teeth, but they will probably end up fixing it. I still have braces till April.
Then I get the retainer…