UH60 Black Hawk

First attempt modelling a UH60 Black Hawk helicopter, it is supposed to have working realistic rotors, doors and other things if i manage to do that since i know next to nothing about animation except for cloth anim.


the Rotors are temporary, just for show atm i know they look horrible.

Seems your taking the ‘box modelling’ approach. Here’s my work of art on the same thing, http://shadowdd.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/main1.jpg (I didn’t want to post the picture cause that’s kind of distracting when people post big pictures on someone else’s thread) Try to reduce triangles and unless your going for the gaming model style give it a subsurf and keep it SUPER clean.

Very nice helicopter! :eek: here’s my improvement on it


Good work, add some weapons perhaps?

Added top windows.


good modelin, good to see it with smooth selected :wink:

UPDATED: remaking rotors, tweaked hull, wip interior, floor, wall blocking off tail, and roof. I am going to animate it and try and make it as high quality as possible, i need advice on how to create the fuselage and the interior, Rotors… any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: