UHO* Sighting... (animation)

*(Unidentified Hopping Object)

Here is some rather mysterious footage of what seems to be a miniature robot… hopping around the house! :smiley:


Mini Robot 2.7 megs, 35 seconds… Quicktime Format

This is another 3D/live-action combination which I love doing so much. I tracked the shot in Icarus. All the 3D, of course, was done in Blender. And the compositing was done in After Effects. The whole thing took approximately 2 weeks to finish. Anyhow, tell me what you think!


I use Alfredo de Greef’s python script to import Icarus tracking data to Blender. Download it here: Icarus Import script. I haven’t gotten it to work on anything except 2.31a.

Awesome! That’s very well Blended :).

Wow! That’s very cool. :wink: I have NO idea how to mix live action with cg, but you did it VERY well!!! :smiley:

good job, man :stuck_out_tongue: I dont want to crit. it’s too late.

Awesome animation!

any idea where I could get a copy of icarus?

[email protected]

Incredible! Wasn’t there a movie much like this in the 80s with mini robots from outer space?

This is the best 3D/Live action work i’ve seen from you so far. The modeling is great, the tracking was almost perfect, interaction with the box was kool, and the animation was very belivable in speed and movment.
mastery of skill man,… this is awsome!

keep it up

Yeah there was it was called ‘Batteries Not Included’

Great Flick :slight_smile:


great work

yes, I agree one of the best tracking so far… it’s not only that it matches the perspective and all, but the lighting and feel of the picture overall. it doesn’t look artificial. good job!


Awesome, I’m especially impressed with the tracking, specifically on that guy’s shoulder! Nice trick with the cardboard box too!

You rock!

How did you get the box to fling when it jumped off? And what is Icarus?

One of the best jobs of real life and Blender animation I have seen.

basse said it best and I have to agree 100%.


Icarus is a program that the University of Manchester worked on for awhile and I believe since dumped. It was made to work cg with movies and was awesome for correcting lense distortion. You could take a drive by video recording of a building and get a decent 3d model out of it with almost perfect proportions. Icarus was also great if you had a video of a busy street and wanted to remove all the people and cars.

This is awesome use of it. I played with Icarus for a good while and can tell you that it takes some serious work to get to this level.


can you get free live video program like after effect? like open source?

anyways, lil robot thing is great !! well done

Not that I know of. Rumor is Icarus was bought and turned into a program called The Pixel Farm. Sells for over $3000 USD. :<

Thanks a lot!! :o Could I submit something like this to the Blender Art Festival? Or do the entries have to be pure Blender? (The guidelines aren’t very clear…) %|

To answer a couple questions…

Radishimo- You’re especially impressed with the tracking on the shoulder, huh? GREAT! That section was tracked by hand. :smiley:

Jedi Dawn- For the interaction with the box, I just used my left hand to tap the side of the box down during filming.

I’m glad y’all like it!


ANYBODY who wants Icarus should PM me.

Wow. Very, VERY cool. The only thing that bugged me is when it landed on his shoulder. I woulda chucked the thing across the house, not tugged on my shirt. :wink:

Is Icarus cross-platform like Blender? Will it run on Mac OS X or Linux?

BTW VERY nice work :wink:

Hehe, HOSJ, I think you’re right. But I didn’t have the whole thing planned out, so I just told my brother to act like a spider had clamped onto his shoulder. You should’a seen the original footage! :smiley:

iindigo- Thanks! Hmm… I know Icarus runs on OSX, and I know it runs on… some version of windows. Not sure about Linux. %|