uhoh 2.31 render issues?

I already posted at blender.org, but wonder if anyone else has noticed anything different.

here’s two quick renders of the same .blend in both 2.30 and 2.31



umm wuts it supposed to be? how did you get that cool effect on the top one?

My company logo http://www.macouno.com

it’s a simple logo, made by first putting the logo into a font file so I can import it into anything. Made into a 3d dxf with elefont (with 45 bevel effect). Imported in blender… 2 materials. 1 for the angled bit (big black edge) and 1 for the rest. The main colour is blueish lambert/toon shaded with a green blue spec. And I turned on the edge in render window.

had another couple of tries, switching materials and such.

It looks like all goes awry as soon as I use “set smooth” in 2.31.

Ok well in case anyone encounters the same error… it’s the auto smooth function.

Switch it on! When off you get the erroneous result, when on I get the result as before.

Or rather… when it’s on at 30 degrees. When on at the max 80 degrees I get the weird result on top… apparently

thx to ghost at blender.org

It’s probably something you did in 2.31 when editing it. For example, pressing Set Smooth in object mode will break the smoothing groups you did in edit mode which would probably result on wrong smooth like in your 2nd picture.


Nope when I say exact same file I mean exact same file… open file… render voila.

Is this problem showing only on the render view windows or it shows up in the rendered file as well?

Alexandre Rangel

It might be the ‘autosmooth’ bug in 2.30 :slight_smile:

Read the release notes!