UI changes proposal

I have got few ideas how to change blender UI to make it more clear for new users.
Right now Blender UI is very consistent but some parts of it is completly not and it’s quite hard to understand for new user. I have read post on this forum, and I’m very appriciate with ideas like make pop-up windows not hide after move cursor, make more visible edges of windows etc.

Here is my ideas about blender, mostly about UI changes but one of it is something more.

Physics panel:

UV Editor panels:

MatCap enable:

Modifiers groups:

Buttons separation:

Time line range:


Time line range:
The Home key on keyboard is used to View All function in the various windows. This is also accessible from the View menu on the window header

I like almost all your proposals. Seems to me very logical and helpful.
Only buttons separator doesn’t seems to me as something that helps. These closing in frames and adding barriers doesn’t work.
Keep distance and erase separators.

I would love to see transparency option for strokes and backgrounds in user theme preference. It seams to me easier to read icons.

i like it

and yes… Blender really need an interaction designer in the dev team.

Definitely +1.

But what is the actual process of getting this kind of stuff implemented, is there a set procedure, or does it just rely on someone to show up and do it?

and yes… Blender really need an interaction designer in the dev team.

(also +1 to this - but where would the money come from?)

i can do this for free :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the top brass policy on this kind of thing? Are they likely to say, “Great!”, will they ignore it, will it get paralysed by discussion?

Just a few random thoughts to throw in…

From what I’ve read, it’s pretty much up to Ton whether or not a design committee is put together, whether or not their proposals would be implemented, etc.

I’m almost certain there’s no budget for it, although that would have to be verified by someone more in the know. It might be difficult to find a volunteer with the experience needed to do the job well.

What would be best, I think, is if the committee (if it ever gets to exist) were comprised of at least one person with some professional-level UI design experience. The trouble is finding someone with that background who also has experience as a 3D generalist. I think the person would have to be a generalist to know the user experience at all stages.

I used to work with a couple of guys, one of which was a 3D generalist and the other, a UI designer. Now, if we can find the technology to transmogrify those two guys into one person…

@@websterek realy good ideas there.

Hey guys…I posted this in my thread but this thread seems more suited for that…

Blender doesnt need just a cosmetic overhaul but a slight change in its design philosophy. Current design basis is really limiting the UI changes that can be incorporated in blender. For the most part nonblocking windows work fine, but when those windows have too much parameters for a single region to incorporate, it lends a claustrophobic look, e.g the N panel, and to some extent the properties window. As of now all the functionality of blender revolves around the properties window which is good for fast workflow but considering the amount of parameters in it, its too much for a single region.

I’ve an idea but dont know how will it affect the overall usability. Maybe the window switcher present in the properties window can be changed to switch between different modes like Render settings, Shading and Texturing, Physics and simulations, Objects and Objects Relationships…etc. and selecting one of them would reveal tabs (showing proper texts rather than icons) related to them. The region would be far more uncluttered and the workflow would be much organized. Just a crazy idea I had. Dont know if it can even be done.

Can this be done?..does this require some big code changes to be done?..Will it have any workflow issues?..I think doing that would greatly ease up the learning curve as well, for new users.

personally i would like to see tabbed windows,
like a new type of window from the drop down menu, where you can stack and select different windows, this would help a lot for full screen, one screen usage, and make even more flexible the use of the workspaces

if you don’t want okey… no problem i just want to help.

Why i want to do this for free? because i love this program and i want to thanks to the creators. In something bether then just donate.

Definitely want! I just wanted to know how things happen around here.

Concerning the matcap feature I would prefer to have them (that would work at least for cycles materials) next to the “viewport colour” setting.
Then you could set individual matcaps to have a decent preview when e.g. animating. This would enable a greater sense of how a scene turns out when rendered, while working on animation. :slight_smile:

Did you know that you can ‘break’ a window off by holding down Shift while doing a click-n-drag on the window split widget/gadget? That means you can split off a window and drag it onto a second monitor to give you some elbow room. Here’s what my default set-up looks like across two monitors:

Im aware of that, but obviously that requires a dual monitor setup as you have shown. But region area is one issue. But I was also thinking if the tabs can be more well organized on the basis of the work they deal with. That would give some layered workflow and hopefully well organized to look at. Right now the tabs in properties window are laid without proper and intuitive order.

Everything you’re saying is true. If you don’t have a dual monitor set-up, it does get too crowded.

Not necesarily the case:
Yyou can put multiple windows on a single monitor and just alt+tab switch between them.
Or (in a single window) you can use the UI presets/selfmade ones which can be quickly toggled through with ctrl+left/right arrow.

Of course you usually have a much better overview with a second screen, but the switching also works quite ok imho