UI Color Question


Hello, hope I am posting in the right area? I am using a customized version of the Elysium Theme, and have it almost exactly how I want. But, for the life of me I can’t figure out if its possible to change the text color of a highlighted tab? I attached an image to show what I have and what I would prefer. The “Tools” Orange highlight has White text, I would prefer to have Black text like the “Scene” tab. Is this possible? I also have white text in my error box which makes reading the error quite difficult. I went through what I believed was every single color option, I changed each one to Red to see which ones were which. The one I wanted to change, never showed in Red, so I started thinking that was not changeable?

Thanks for any help!


I don’t believe there is an option for different text colours for selected and non selected tabs.
The Scene option in the image is a Radio Button which has an optio for both Text and Text Selected colours

Ok, that is good to know, thought I just couldn’t find it. I assume the same goes for the error text field? It’s also in White/Light Grey so a little hard to read when it pops up.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!