[UI] Default Menus for 2.69

…my older version for the default Toolshelf.

…the Adjustments that i made are in the start up script: -->> space_view3d_toolbar <<–

>> to install this you have to replace the space_view3d_toolbar.py Script
>> go to -> 2.70 > scripts > startup > bl_ui > space_view3d_toolbar.py

get it here:

…works also in 2.7…

…you don’t need to have 10 fingers…Have Fun!!!

it could use a recalculate normals & remove doubles buttons.

recalculate normals > under Shading / Hide as a drop down menu
remove doubles > Remove: Doubles

nice work! I need add this addon to Blenderaddonlist:slight_smile:

mkbreuer, with meta tools installed in 2.71 would there be any reason to install this in 2.71? Would it get rid of the tabs? I was able to install 0-9.3 meta tools in both 2.69 and 2.71.