UI Design for a Voxel RPG in Space

Hi, I am looking for someone to design the UI for my voxel game “Cube Universe”.


  • 3+ years of experience in UI or web design
  • Windows PC to run the game

What I need:

  • UI design (icons, background textures, etc.)
    • Overall UI (action bar, quest list, radar etc.)
    • Windows (crafting, inventory, quests, …)
    • Space shuttle UI
    • Icons (for buttons, items, abilities, etc.)


  • Art style: The world is Blizzard-like (WoW), i.e. hand-drawn textures, but the UI could be a little more futuristic.

Budget and scope:
The budget is $700 for now. There will be more work in the future when we add new features, items, etc.



Hi @Beosar

I am interested in your requirement and will be glad to assist you as an UI designer for your voxel game.

please reach me out through :cis.am3 or email me at [email protected]

i have sent you discord request


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