UI design trends 2021? Even more whitespace, even less info, even less contrast

If this is to be a precedent, then weep as the evolutionary clock continues to tick backward in the area of Silicon Valley product design.

New features

  • More whitespace, look at the huge areas filled with nothing
  • Less information, why should we load our brains with more than a handful of words and icons anyway
  • More scrolling, a natural consequence of the first two features, it’s okay though because people can scroll pretty fast
  • Less contrast, it might be a button, nope, the button is over there, just tap things at random
  • Inconsistency and no design language, look at the cool things our code can draw now
  • No separators, taking up space that beautiful whitespace can occupy instead.

Note to the Blender UI team, whatever you do, just run away from any UI ideas Google and the other tech. companies see as good (even though the adaptive coloration shows decent ideas are not completely extinct, yet). Other than that, this just confirms I made the right decision to have an iPad as my mobile gaming device instead.

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Come on Ace, those designs are for phone displays and fingers, not for mouse in 3D apps or games on 1080 and 4k screens :wink:

One thing that has always been true about Apple products, since the very first(!) Macintosh, was that they published “User Interface Guidelines” that of course are not really “guidelines” at all. Your app has to strictly conform to them or it won’t get published.